Caribbean greetings,

Our fun-mobile "El Papa" the Party Buggy is the "spin-off" of the Xtreme-Buggy.com which has a tourist license since September 2004. Well, it took some years before finally the famous words were said: "and now we will built the Party Buggy".

Since about fall 2014 the Party Buggy is on the street, a popping pink colour and parts welded from stainless steel, in the middle there is a stainless coolbox with built-in bottle-holder....genius idea of course.
There is also a sound-system with Blue tooth so anybody can hear her/his favourite music.

Used for: until now only for private trips and fun trips, like airport-transfers, some company-trips, to the beach and sometimes between a country-tour.
A longtime guest gave us a disco-ball with led-lighting which we installed the same day so with cold drinks and great music everybody gets in the mood.

Greetings from the Caribbean